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Why German-Online.net?

There are many other online German courses out there. As a rule, they contain various recycled materials in multimedia forms (flash, funny pictures, etc') that promise to make learning "fun", "fast" and "effective". One of them even promise that you will "take part in real German conversation after 30 minutes!". Well.... we say: don't fall for that kind of b***sh*t :) It might be fun indeed, and you might be able to say "how are you?", "how do I get to the train station?" and "what time is it?" very quickly. However, when building your own more advanced sentences needed in daily-life situations, you will find yourself mumbling rather than talking. Why? Grammar, Grammar, Grammar !

Learning a new language is not an easy thing. German, in particular, is not a simple language, a pretty hard one actually. This course is built in an "old-fashioned" way. An emphasis is put on a gradual, systematic and fundamental understanding of the complicated underlying German grammar rather than on language games and fun. Our course is aimed at intellectual adult individuals who are motivated to sweat a little for the cause, starting from the most basic foundations of the German language and going up to the most advanced levels. With our course, you will speak German with confidence and a high level of grammatical accuracy.

Our course is composed of 33 online German classes and 5 reviews, with new materials are constantly added. Four German classes are offered for free as a demo. All of the other lessons follow the same structure and high-standard. Making use of the latest web-technologies, we offer a unique interactive user experience. Our members are encouraged to contact us from their password-protected members page. We will gladly answer any technical or language question, anytime.

German-Online.net offers much more than a good text book, for less.
We thank you for your visit and we hope to see you among our rapidly growing list of members!

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