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German Course Table of Contents

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Level I

Online German Class 1 - Die Schule

Gender • Nominative Singular of Definite Article • Personal Pronouns er, sie, es

Online German Class 2 - Die Schule (schluß)

Nominative and Accusative Singular of der, ein, and kein • Nominative Singular of Definite Article • Personal Pronouns er, sie, es

Online German Class 3 - In der Klasse

Declension of der, ein, and kein and of Nouns in the Singular • Use of Genitive and Dative Cases • Diminutives •
Present Indicative of sagen

Online German Class 4 - In der Klasse (schluß)

Plural of der and kein • Strong declension of Nouns, Class I • Plural of nouns • Prepositions with the Dative or the Accusative

Online German Class 5 - zu Hause

kein words • Prepositions with the Dative • Use of the definite article • Names of persons

Online German Class 6 - Nach der Schule

Dieser words • Strong declension of Nouns, Class II • Compound Nouns • Adverbs of Time and of Place

Online German Class 7 - Nach dem Abendessen

Present Indicative of arbeiten • Normal and Inverted Word Order • Expressions of Measure

Online German Class 8 - Ein Besuch

Strong declension of Nouns, Class III • Vowel Change in the Present Indicative • Use of the Articles

Online German Class 9 - Ein Besuch (Fortsetzung)

Weak declension of Nouns • Herr and Herz • Suffix -in • Use of the Present Tense for the Future • Predicate Adjectives and Nouns

Level II

Online German Class 11 - Weihnachten (Ein Brief)

Declension of Adjectives, Letters.

Online German Class 12 - Weihnachten (Schluß)

Present Perfect and Past Perfect Indicative • Present Perfect for English Past Tense • Present Participle

Online German Class 13 - Auf der Eisbahn

Personal Pronouns • Compunds with daEs as an Introductory Word • Use of man • Adverbial Accusative of Time

Online German Class 14 - Ein Brief

Comparison of Adectives and Adverbs • Expressions of Comparison • The Article with Proper Names

Online German Class 15 - Die Hausfrau

Future and Future Perfect Indicative • Position of the Infinitive • Future of Probability • Interrogative Pronouns wer and was • Compounds with wo • Other Interrogative Words

Level III

Online German Class 16 - Im Restaurant

Imperative Mood • Possessive Pronouns • Use of gern • Definite Article in Place of Possessive Adjective • Das, dies, and es in Expressions of Identity • Direct and Indirect Object

Online German Class 17 - Unser Sommerhäuschen

Relative Pronouns der and welcher • Compounds with wo • Transposed Word Order • Adverbial Genitive of Time

Online German Class 18 - Die Deutschen Schulen

Conjunctions • Als, wenn and wann • Indirect Questions • Es gibt

Online German Class 19 - Der Lehrling

Inseparable Compound Verbs • Adjective Used Substantively • Some Words to Note Carefully

Online German Class 20 - Das Jahr

Separable compound Verbs • Variable Prefixes

Online German Class 21 - Ein Brief

Impersonal and Reflexive Verbs • Intensive Pronouns • Reciprocal Pronouns

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