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What is German-Online.net?

German-Online.net is a complete online German course for absolute beginners. Our online German classes aim at providing all the material necessary for a thorough mastery of the basic structures of the German language and for the development of the basic language skills: listening comprehension and reading unseen texts, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.

Making use of the most advanced web technologies, German-Online.net offers an enjoyable, interactive and efficient method to learn German online.

German-Online.net is a comprehensive solution for learning German online. The course is composed of 33 online German classes, with each class being an independent unit with texts, vocabulary, German grammar with many examples, exercises, and optional additional material. If you are motivated to speak German, taking the lessons according to the course guidelines will ensure that you will be speaking German in no time!

German-Online.net offers two free German lessons from our online german course, along with some general introduction, German phrases, for FREE!. Also, the review of lessons 1-9 is offered as a free german class. If you find our method efficient, please consider to purchase the full membership for a low price. Do not hesitate to contact us for feedback, questions, or any other thing you have in mind. You are welcome to leave a message in our guestbook as well.

Viel Erfolg! Good luck!

More about German-Online.net:

The German-Online.net course offers you an enjoyable and efficient method to learn German online. An emphasis has been put on an enhanced user-experience.

Each German lesson is composed of the following sections:

Text: where new words and concepts are introduced, accompanied by a German to English translation, an audio recording of the text and a vocabulary with German words.

Grammar: A profound systematic explanation of the new grammatical principles in the text.

Exercises: Numerous exercises which give the student an opportunity to drill thoroughly new vocabulary, idioms, and structures.

Extras: Supplementary optional materials.

There are five different level: beginners (I), starters (II), mediocre (III), advanced (IV), pro (V)

Each German level ends with a comprehensive review, summarizing all that has been learnt so far.

For more information on how to use our online German course for beginners, click here.

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